Jason Kishineff For Congress



“In a true democracy, the highest office is citizen.” – Ralph Nader

“En una verdadera democracia, el oficio más alto es el ciudadano.” – Ralph Nader


A little about why I am running. / Un poco sobre por qué estoy corriendo.

I am a home maker, a former pharmacy technician and father of 3 children. Around me, I’ve seen insurance companies deny coverage, I’ve seen the populations of homeless increase, I’ve seen violence increase. I’ve seen the costs of housing, energy and food increase, while wages remained largely stagnant. Education has gotten worse, especially as many classes have been cut altogether and supplies are now paid by teachers and parents. I’ve waited and waited for elected officials to make change, but to no avail. In fact, when one man tried, they lined up to stop him. That’s why I’m running. It is long past time for the people to rise up and take our government back. My opponent has been in office 20 years, and there is much that he hasn’t done. And if he won’t, I will.

Soy un amo de casa, un ex técnico de farmacia y padre de 3 hijos. A mi alrededor, he visto a las compañías de seguros negar la cobertura, he visto aumentar la población de personas sin hogar, he visto aumentar la violencia. He visto cómo aumentan los costos de la vivienda, la energía y los alimentos, mientras que los salarios permanecen estancados en gran medida. La educación ha empeorado, especialmente porque muchas clases se han recortado por completo y ahora los maestros y los padres pagan los suministros. Esperé y esperé a que los funcionarios electos hicieran el cambio, pero fue en vano. De hecho, cuando un hombre lo intentó, se alinearon para detenerlo. Por eso estoy corriendo. Ya es hora de que la gente se levante y retire a nuestro gobierno. Mi oponente lleva 20 años en el cargo y hay muchas cosas que no ha hecho. Y si no lo hace, lo haré.

“We were impressed with his passion and his command of the issues.”-The Napa Valley Register

“Kishineff is running a scrappy campaign. We like his panache.”-The Sonoma Index-Tribune

“He has signed the Contract For American Renewal, and has signed an agreement to co-sponsor a term-limits bill. He’s also ready to answer all of your questions.”-The Lake County News

“Kishineff said that Democrats and Republicans have failed to represent labor, the environment, immigrants, the anti-war movement and “the American people as a whole.”-The Vallejo Times-Herald

“Jason knows what’s up!”-James from Napa

“I would like to call district 5’s attention to a candidate I had the pleasure of meeting. His name is Jason Kishineff and his motto, fighting for justice, is apt. I found him to be bright, inquisitive and all in for improving the lot of “common good” for all Americans.”-Debra from Angwin

“Why can’t we have anything nice? Because we fund the war machine instead. War=extinction. The loudest voice opposing it gets my vote and Jason gets this one.”-Eric from Santa Rosa

“You are actually a teacher to your readers and an asset to the community. ” – Linda from American Canyon

“His platform is awesome and he is dedicated to getting this country squared away. He is on the side of the planet and the people and has a great potential to help everyone from the working poor to the middle class.”-Rusty from Napa

“Please support Jason for California’s 5th district. Things need to change now. No more blank checks for wars we are in.”-Larry from Santa Rosa

“Jason Kishineff is bucking the establishment and standing up for People, Planet and Peace over profits! Get to know him and you will like him! Promise!”-Kate from Petaluma

“All I know is to inform our kababyans in this city of ours to vote for Jason Kishineff for the district 5 Congressional seat.”-Gladys from Vallejo

“You have my vote as well as my daughter’s. You are an amazing person and spot on about the truth “-Jamie from American Canyon

“Jason is a bold progressive and a man of the people. He has demonstrated that he is unafraid to stand up for himself and others, even in the face of the powerful political establishment.”-Trevor from Santa Rosa

“I liked Mike, but this dude is checking all the boxes for me. I’ll be voting for a fresh representative for Lake, Sonoma, and Napa counties.” – Justin from Lake County

“Your views seem to be what modern day America needs. Please let me know what I can do to help! I’ll tell all my friends to vote for you.” – Natalie from Vallejo

“He’s a local from American Canyon who has strong views and also willing to ask the people for their input. If you had your hopes on Bernie Sanders, Kishineff might be someone to consider.”-Larry from Napa

“Perfect! We need way more “regular” blue collars in the lead! Back to basics kind of approach.”-Shane from Napa

“Thanks for all you do, Jason. You are my man. Brave, smart, courageous. So much knowledge about local politics. THIS valley needs more people like you!  You give me hope. HOPE!”
-Leonore from Napa

“Thank you Jason Kishineff for speaking up! We need more allies like you!”-Angela from Vallejo

“You are a breath of fresh uncorrupted air. Can I set up a meeting with you and my kids to discuss issues? “-Deanna from Santa Rosa

“Much love my brother and I admire your courage and bravery!”-Brenda from Vallejo

“Thanks for being there and for your comments. I am really hoping you win.”-Julia from Napa

“Thank you Jason! You have my total respect for all your great, kind work. You probably have more votes per dollars spent than any other Candidate! We need your voice and heart. So grateful for all you do!”-Kellie from Angwin

“You got my vote!”-Lily from Benicia

“You’re cool. I really do appreciate you talking with me.”

-Jordan from Vallejo

“I like your approach. You have made a priority issue of one that is near and dear to my heart being a local resident for many years. You have clearly thought about this and thought it through somewhat. It is your approach that will get things done in the long run. You are talking about the problem and coming up with a solution. ” – Paul from Lower Lake

“I think you are a great asset to the community and a great voice for the ones who and are afraid of speaking up.”Lindsay from American Canyon

“Very good points made.
You are an excellent advocate for this community.
You gained my respect and support last night. All the things we talk about constantly you brought to the Council meeting. You are the real deal.You have my loyalty.”-Jason from Vallejo

“Damn, wish I was living in your district!” – George from Winsor


“You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.” – Harry Truman

“No puedes hacerte rico en política a menos que seas un ladrón” – Harry Truman


Corporate Money In Politics / Dinero Corporativo En Política

Corporate money in our political system is what prevents our government from being what it should be- “of the people, for the people and by the people”. I will fight to end corporate personhood and bring power back to the people.

El dinero corporativo en nuestro sistema político es lo que impide que nuestro gobierno sea lo que debería ser: “de las personas, por las personas y de las personas”. Lucharé para acabar con la persona corporativa y devolver el poder a la gente.

Comprehensive Electoral Reform / Reforma Electoral Integral

We need to fix our electoral system, including making our elections publicly funded, ending voter suppression laws and unethical voter purges, automatic voter registration, paper ballots and debate access for “third” parties.

Necesitamos arreglar nuestro sistema electoral, incluyendo hacer que nuestras elecciones sean financiadas públicamente, terminar con las leyes de supresión de votantes y purgas de votantes poco éticas, el registro automático de votantes, votacion de papel y el acceso al debate para “terceros” partidos.

End For-Profit Wars / Termine las guerras con fines de lucro

Killing people in other countries so that billionaires can increase their profits, or supporting other countries to do so, is simply unacceptable. No one is seriously in favor of such wars, yet we haven’t been given a choice. U.S. foreign policy is abominable and has been for 100 years.

Matar gente en otros países para que los billonarios puedan aumentar sus ganancias o apoyar a otros países para que lo hagan es simplemente inaceptable. Nadie está seriamente a favor de tales guerras, sin embargo, no se nos ha dado ninguna opción. La política exterior estadounidense es abominable y lo ha sido durante 100 años.

Police And Prison Reform / Reforma Policial Y Penitenciaria

A  huge issue that needs to be fixed immediately is our racist criminal justice system. I believe there are plenty of good officers, who are genuinely trying to better society, but the system itself is racist at its root. We need to demilitarize our police forces, and instead give them deescalation training. Taking a life should be the LAST resort, not the first resort. The disastrous war on drugs must end. And an end must come immediately to for-profit prisons, which are the evolution of slavery.

Un gran problema que debe corregirse de inmediato es nuestro sistema racista de justicia penal. Creo  que hay muchos buenos oficiales que genuinamente intentan mejorar la  sociedad, pero el sistema en sí es racista desde su raíz. Necesitamos desmilitarizar a nuestras fuerzas policiales y, en su lugar, darles entrenamiento de desescalación. Quitarse la vida debería ser el ÚLTIMO complejo, no el primer recurso. La desastrosa guerra contra las drogas debe terminar. Y un final debe llegar inmediatamente a las prisiones con fines de lucro, que son la evolución de la esclavitud.

Universal Healthcare / Cuidado De Salud Universal

I believe that Healthcare is a human right. No one should die because they can’t afford to go to the doctor or to get their medicine. We are the only industrialized country in the world that profits from its sick. It is time for that to change.

Creo que Healthcare es un derecho humano. Nadie debe morir porque no pueden permitirse ir al médico o comprar su medicamento. Somos el único país industrializado en el mundo que se beneficia de sus enfermos. Es hora de que eso cambie.

Fracking And Oil Pipelines / Fracking Y Oleoductos

We must stop destroying our planet for the short-term profits of the oil companies. We need to move to 100% renewable energy as soon as possible and ban fracking completely. We need to greatly improve fuel efficiency in trucks and SUVs and move to 100% electric vehicles as quickly as possible.

Debemos dejar de destruir nuestro planeta por los beneficios a corto plazo de las compañías petroleras. Necesitamos pasar al 100% de energía renovable lo antes posible y prohibir por completo el fracking. Necesitamos mejorar en gran medida la eficiencia del combustible en camionetas y SUV y pasar a vehículos 100% eléctricos lo más rápido posible.

Immigration / Inmigración

I believe in immediately granting citizenship to all of the immigrants that we currently have living here. Let’s stop deporting people that have been contributing to our society and breaking up families. This is cruel and harmful.

Creo en la concesión inmediata de la ciudadanía a todos los inmigrantes que actualmente tenemos aquí. Dejemos de deportar a las personas que han contribuido a nuestra sociedad y dividiendo familias. Esto es cruel y dañino.

Tuition-Free College Education / Educación Universitaria Gratis

Investing in college education is investing in our society. Decades ago, no one had to go into severe debt to get an education. We have allowed student loans to become a racket. I believe we should forgive all student loans and start investing in our society, instead of burdening our youth with debt.

Invertir en la educación universitaria es invertir en nuestra sociedad. Décadas atrás, nadie tenía que endeudarse para obtener una educación. Hemos permitido que los préstamos estudiantiles se conviertan en una farsa. Creo que debemos perdonar todos los préstamos estudiantiles y comenzar a invertir en nuestra sociedad, en lugar de cargar con la deuda de nuestros jóvenes.

A Liveable Minimum Wage / Un Salario Mínimo Habitable

I believe in a minimum wage that is indexed to the cost of living. I think no one that works full time should be living in poverty.

Creo en un salario mínimo que está indexado al costo de la vida. Creo que nadie que trabaje a tiempo completo debería vivir en la pobreza.

Trade Deals / Ofertas Comerciales

“Free trade” agreements, such as NAFTA and CAFTA have got to be repealed. They have led to the exploitation of people in developing countries, have cost American jobs and been used to fight unionization. They keep wages low and workers less safe.

Los acuerdos de “libre comercio”, como el TLCAN y el CAFTA, tienen que ser derogados. Han llevado a la explotación de personas en países en desarrollo, han costado trabajos estadounidenses y se han utilizado para luchar contra la sindicalización. Mantienen los salarios bajos y los trabajadores menos seguros.

Women’s Rights / Derechos De Las Mujeres

I believe in a woman’s right to make decisions concerning her own body, to equal pay, and to be free of discrimination. As your Representative, I will organize CEDAW groups in every city in this district in an effort to end discrimination against women. http://citiesforcedaw.org/

Creo en el derecho de la mujer a tomar decisiones sobre su propio cuerpo, a recibir un salario igual y a no ser discriminada. Como su Representante, organizaré grupos de CEDAW en cada ciudad de este distrito en un esfuerzo por terminar con la discriminación contra las mujeres. http://citiesforcedaw.org/

Pesticides And Herbicides / Pesticidas Y Herbicidas

Much of our corporate-owned farms have been allowed to loosen restrictions on the poisons that run into our waterways. In 2011 our Congress voted to weaken the Clean Water Act and prohibit the EPA from protecting our waterways from these poisons. I will seek to reverse that. It is the people and the wildlife that should be protected, not the corporate farms.

Gran parte de nuestras granjas de propiedad corporativa se les ha permitido aflojar las restricciones sobre los venenos que se ejecutan en nuestros cursos de agua. En 2011, nuestro Congreso votó para debilitar la Ley de Agua Limpia y prohibir que la EPA proteja nuestros cursos de agua de estos venenos. Buscaré revertir eso. Es la gente y la vida silvestre que deben protegerse, no las granjas corporativas.


Cannabis / Canabis

I believe that cannabis is a natural medicine and should be removed from the controlled substance list. It is less addictive and less damaging to the body than either tobacco, alcohol or prescription pain killers. I think that anyone who has been arrested for cannabis possession or sales should have that automatically expunged from their record (without charge to them).


Creo que el cannabis es una medicina natural y debería eliminarse de la lista de sustancias controladas. Es menos adictivo y menos dañino para el cuerpo que el tabaco, el alcohol o los analgésicos recetados. Creo que cualquier persona que haya sido arrestada por posesión o venta de cannabis debería haber eliminado automáticamente su registro (sin cargo alguno para ellos).

Fiscal Policy / Política Fiscal

From the mid-1940’s until 1979 this country enjoyed a period of strong growth. The corporate tax rate during that period ranged from 40%-52.8%. The tax rate on the most wealthy ranged from 70%-88%. If we had those tax rates now, our country would have about $10 trillion more, per year, in its coffers to spend on the needs of the people and repair our infrastructure. Additionally, this country spends 10 times as much on military as any other country (about $700 billion). I believe we can slash that number in half. We need to stop pouring our money into building bombs and start really investing in our people.

Desde mediados de la década de 1940 hasta 1979, este país disfrutó de un período de fuerte crecimiento. La tasa impositiva corporativa durante ese período osciló entre el 40% al 52,8%. La tasa impositiva sobre los más ricos osciló entre 70% a 88%. Si tuviéramos esas tasas impositivas ahora, nuestro país tendría alrededor de $ 10 trillones más, todos los años, en sus arcas para gastar en las necesidades de las personas y reparar nuestra infraestructura. Además, este país gasta 10 veces más en servicios militares que cualquier otro país (alrededor de $ 700 billones). Creo que podemos reducir ese número a la mitad. Tenemos que dejar de verter nuestro dinero en la construcción de bombas y comenzar a invertir realmente en nuestra gente. Universal Child Allowance / Asignación De Dinero Universal Por Hijo

When elected, I will author a bill to provide a universal child allowance to parents of small children, so we can make sure that the future of America has adequate nutrition, clothing and supply of diapers. This should be separate from cash aid or food stamps/AFDC and it will be written into the bill that the amount of those forms of assistance shall not be reduced because of receiving the universal child allowance. I believe we can give more to the people who really need it, and it starts with our children.

Cuando sea elegido, autorizaré un proyecto de ley para proporcionar un subsidio universal para niños a los padres de niños pequeños, para que podamos asegurarnos de que el futuro de los Estados Unidos tenga la nutrición, la ropa y el suministro de pañales adecuados. Esto debería estar separado de la ayuda monetaria o de los cupones de alimentos / AFDC y se anotará en la factura que la cantidad de esas formas de asistencia no se reducirá debido a la recepción de la asignación universal por hijo. Creo que podemos dar más a las personas que realmente lo necesitan, y eso comienza con nuestros hijos.

Homelessness / Falta De Vivienda

I believe homelessness is caused by inequality and debt. The approach to combating homelessness needs to be multi-tiered, including building more affordable housing, more federal funding for homeless programs, tiny houses and more. I will work with advocates and activists to find a comprehensive way that we can take on this issue in a big way, but it starts with inequality. If we do not reverse the current trends, more people will continue to become homeless.


Creo que la falta de vivienda es causada por la desigualdad y la deuda. El enfoque para combatir la falta de vivienda debe ser de varios niveles, incluida la construcción de viviendas más asequibles, más fondos federales para programas para personas sin hogar, casas pequeñas y más. Trabajaré con defensores y activistas para encontrar una manera integral en la que podamos abordar este tema en gran medida, pero comienza con la desigualdad. Si no revertimos las tendencias actuales, más personas continuarán quedando sin hogar.

The Rainbow Flag / La Bandera Del Arcoiris

It has never been more important for our elected officials to show they stand with all of the people- black or white, Asian or Latino, female or male, gay, straight, trans, non-binary, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or whatever. I’m calling on all elected officials to raise those rainbow flags, and don’t take them down at the end of June, but let them fly all year long.

Nunca ha sido más importante para nuestros funcionarios electos demostrar que están de pie con todas las personas: negro o blanco, asiático o latino, femenino o masculino, gay, heterosexual, trans, no binario, cristiano, judío, musulmán, budista, Hindú o lo que sea. Hago un llamado a todos los funcionarios electos para que levanten esas banderas del arco iris, y no los retiren a fines de junio, sino que los dejen volar todo el año.



A Federal Jobs Guarantee / Una Garantía Federal de Empleos

Let’s not forget that investing in jobs is investing in our citizens and our country. Everyone who wants to work, ought to be able to work.

No olvidemos que invertir en puestos de trabajo es invertir en nuestros ciudadanos y en nuestro país. Todo aquel que quiera trabajar, debe poder trabajar.

Stop Developments That Poison People And Planet/Detener Desarrollos Que Envenenan Personas Y Planeta

Together we will put a halt to the VMT/Orcem cement factory, we will stop refineries from expanding to hazardous levels, we will campaign against tourist industries that pollute, such as helicopters.

Juntos detendremos la fábrica de cemento VMT / Orcem, impediremos que las refinerías se expandan a niveles peligrosos, haremos campaña contra las industrias turísticas que contaminan, como los helicópteros.

Plastic / El Plastico

We need to be working on a way to eliminate plastic completely. It is filling up our landfills, it is littering our oceans and is not being recycled at nearly the rate that most people think it is. We can do better.

Tenemos que estar trabajando en una forma de eliminar el plástico por completo. Está llenando nuestros vertederos, está ensuciando nuestros océanos y no se está reciclando casi a la velocidad que la mayoría de la gente cree. Podemos hacerlo mejor.

Reaffirm Our Right To Contract / Reafirmar Nuestro Derecho A Contratar

Too often, in order to use or subscribe to a service, or to buy or rent something, we are forced to sign a contract, and when something goes wrong, we’re told that its too bad because we signed the contract. Americans are being taken advantage of, and I want to fix it.

Con demasiada frecuencia, para usar o suscribirse a un servicio, o para comprar o alquilar algo, nos vemos obligados a firmar un contrato, y cuando algo sale mal, nos dicen que es una lástima porque firmamos el contrato. Se está aprovechando a los estadounidenses y quiero solucionarlo.

Clean Contaminated Waterways / Limpiar Los Canales Contaminados

We have two lakes that are severely contaminated with mercury in our district. There are waterways just like them all over the country. I want to get together with other members of Congress and hold press conferences to pressure the EPA to release the funds to clean them up.

Tenemos dos lagos que están severamente contaminados con mercurio en nuestro distrito. Hay canales como ellos en todo el país. Quiero reunirme con otros miembros del Congreso y realizar conferencias de prensa para presionar a la EPA a que libere los fondos para limpiarlos.

Governmental Corruption Monitor / Monitor De Corrupción Del Gobierno

We must find a way to create non-partisan offices, at the state and local levels, to investigate the corruption of city, county and state officials. Abuses harm our citizens and add up to hundreds of millions of dollars, if not more.

Debemos encontrar una manera de crear oficinas no partidistas, a nivel estatal y local, para investigar la corrupción de los funcionarios de la ciudad, el condado y el estado. Los abusos perjudican a nuestros ciudadanos y suman cientos de millones de dólares, si no más.

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another televison set, then there’d be peace.” – John Lennon

“Si todos exigieran paz en lugar de otro televisor, entonces habría paz.” – John Lennon


Volunteer / Voluntario

Sign up if you can help make phone calls, canvass, organize, have graphic design skills or other skills that can help our campaign. / Regístrese si puede ayudar a hacer llamadas telefónicas, analizar, organizar, tener habilidades de diseño gráfico u otras habilidades que pueden ayudar a nuestra campaña.

This campaign is a campaign of the people, for the people and by the people. As such, it is funded by individual donations from people just like you. We do not accept corporate donations or money from lobbyists or super PACs. 

Esta campaña es una campaña del pueblo, para el pueblo y del pueblo. Como tal, está financiado por donaciones individuales de personas como usted. No aceptamos donaciones corporativas ni dinero de cabilderos ni súper PAC.

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