"In a true democracy, the highest office is citizen." - Ralph Nader

"En una verdadera democracia, el oficio más alto es el ciudadano." - Ralph Nader


"We were impressed with his passion and his command of the issues."

-The Napa Valley Register

"Kishineff is running a scrappy campaign. We like his panache."

-The Sonoma Index-Tribune

"He has signed the Contract For American Renewal, and has signed an agreement to co-sponsor a term-limits bill. He's also ready to answer all of your questions."

-The Lake County News

"Kishineff said that Democrats and Republicans have failed to represent labor, the environment, immigrants, the anti-war movement and "the American people as a whole."

-The Vallejo Times-Herald

"I'm voting for Jason, he's the only candidate that I've ever seen show up and speak out against state sanctioned violence and other issues impacting vulnerable communities." - Melissa from Vallejo

"Jason knows what’s up!"

-James from Napa

"I would like to call district 5's attention to a candidate I had the pleasure of meeting. His name is Jason Kishineff and his motto, fighting for justice, is apt. I found him to be bright, inquisitive and all in for improving the lot of "common good" for all Americans."

-Debra from Angwin

"Why can't we have anything nice? Because we fund the war machine instead. War=extinction. The loudest voice opposing it gets my vote and Jason gets this one."

-Eric from Santa Rosa

"You are actually a teacher to your readers and an asset to the community. "

- Linda from American Canyon

"His platform is awesome and he is dedicated to getting this country squared away. He is on the side of the planet and the people and has a great potential to help everyone from the working poor to the middle class."

-Rusty from Napa

"Please support Jason for California's 5th district. Things need to change now. No more blank checks for wars we are in."

-Larry from Santa Rosa

"Jason Kishineff is bucking the establishment and standing up for People, Planet and Peace over profits! Get to know him and you will like him! Promise!"

-Kate from Petaluma

"All I know is to inform our kababyans in this city of ours to vote for Jason Kishineff for the district 5 Congressional seat."

-Gladys from Vallejo

"You have my vote as well as my daughter's. You are an amazing person and spot on about the truth "

-Jamie from American Canyon

"Jason is a bold progressive and a man of the people. He has demonstrated that he is unafraid to stand up for himself and others, even in the face of the powerful political establishment."

-Trevor from Santa Rosa

"I liked Mike, but this dude is checking all the boxes for me. I'll be voting for a fresh representative for Lake, Sonoma, and Napa counties." - Justin from Lake County

"Your views seem to be what modern day America needs. Please let me know what I can do to help! I’ll tell all my friends to vote for you."

 - Natalie from Vallejo

"He's a local from American Canyon who has strong views and also willing to ask the people for their input. If you had your hopes on Bernie Sanders, Kishineff might be someone to consider."

-Larry from Napa

"Perfect! We need way more "regular" blue collars in the lead! Back to basics kind of approach."

-Shane from Napa

"Thanks for all you do, Jason. You are my man. Brave, smart, courageous. So much knowledge about local politics. THIS valley needs more people like you!  You give me hope. HOPE!"

-Leonore from Napa

"Thank you Jason Kishineff for speaking up! We need more allies like you!"

-Angela from Vallejo

"I wish Jason Kishineff was running in my district. He's not only well prepared and informed, but he supports policies that put people first " - Jose from Calexico, CA

"You are a breath of fresh uncorrupted air. Can I set up a meeting with you and my kids to discuss issues? "

-Deanna from Santa Rosa

"Much love my brother and I admire your courage and bravery!"

-Brenda from Vallejo

"Thanks for being there and for your comments. I am really hoping you win."

-Julia from Napa

"Thank you Jason! You have my total respect for all your great, kind work. You probably have more votes per dollars spent than any other Candidate! We need your voice and heart. So grateful for all you do!"

-Kellie from Angwin

"You got my vote!"

-Lily from Benicia

"You’re cool. I really do appreciate you talking with me."

-Jordan from Vallejo

"I like your approach. You have made a priority issue of one that is near and dear to my heart being a local resident for many years. You have clearly thought about this and thought it through somewhat. It is your approach that will get things done in the long run. You are talking about the problem and coming up with a solution. " - Paul from Lower Lake

"I just wanted to thank you for being fearless, having the intelligence to get out of the narratives and spit facts and for all the work that you do in the community. I respect you."

-Jason from Vallejo

"I think you are a great asset to the community and a great voice for the ones who and are afraid of speaking up."

Lindsay from American Canyon

"Damn, wish I was living in your district!" - George from Winsor

"You can't get rich in politics unless you're a crook." - Harry Truman

"No puedes hacerte rico en política a menos que seas un ladrón" - Harry Truman


Converting our energy system away from fossil fuels and instituting The Green New Deal is the most important thing we should be doing, and we should be doing it now.


Convertir nuestro sistema energético lejos de los combustibles fósiles e instituir The Green New Deal es lo más importante que deberíamos estar haciendo, y deberíamos hacerlo ahora.

"If everyone demanded peace instead of another televison set, then there'd be peace." - John Lennon

"Si todos exigieran paz en lugar de otro televisor, entonces habría paz." - John Lennon

Endorsed by/ Avalado Por:


53 Progressive Congressional Candidates from 26 Different States

The California Progressive Alliance

California For Bernie Sanders 2020

Suscol Intertribal Council Director Charlie Toledo

Former Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin

Former Cotati Vice Mayor Pia Jensen

Former Vallejo School Board Member Ruscal Cayangyang

Former Saint Helena School Board Member Alex Shantz

Former Napa Valley College Trustee Amy Martensen

Bills that I will co-sponsor as a Congressperson:

H.R.3671 - Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act

H.R.1714 - Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act

H.Res.702 - Recognizing that the United States has a moral obligation to meet its foundational promise of guaranteed justice for all.

H.R.5244 - Homes for All Act

H.R.2930 - Loan Shark Prevention Act

H.R.4684 - Universal School Meals Program Act

H.R.3448 - Student Debt Cancellation Act

H.R.3315 - Universal Child Care and Early Learning Act

H.R.864 - Wildlife Conservation and Anti-Trafficking Act

H.R.2843 - Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act


I will also introduce a House version of Sen. Gillibrand's

S.1789 - Military Justice Improvement Act


Proyectos de ley que copatrocinaré como congresista:

H.R.3671 - Ley de combustibles fósiles para un futuro mejor

H.R.1714 - Ley de Alto a la Militarización de la Aplicación de la Ley

H.Res.702 - Reconociendo que Estados Unidos tiene la obligación moral de cumplir su promesa fundamental de garantizar la justicia para todos.

H.R.5244 - Ley de Hogares para Todos

H.R.2930 - Ley de prevención de préstamos de tiburones

H.R.4684 - Ley del Programa Universal de Comidas Escolares

H.R.3448 - Ley de cancelación de deuda estudiantil

H.R.3315 - Ley Universal de Cuidado Infantil y Aprendizaje Temprano

H.R.864 - Ley de Conservación de la Vida Silvestre y Lucha contra el Tráfico

H.R.2843 - Ley de Libertad y Oportunidad de Marihuana

También presentaré una versión de House de Sen. Gillibrand's

S.1789 - Ley de mejora de la justicia militar

A little about why I am running. / Un poco sobre por qué estoy corriendo.

I am a home maker, a former pharmacy technician and father of 3 children. Around me, I've seen insurance companies deny coverage, I've seen the populations of homeless increase, I've seen violence increase. I've seen the costs of housing, energy and food increase, while wages remained largely stagnant. Education has gotten worse, especially as many classes have been cut altogether and supplies are now paid by teachers and parents. I've waited and waited for elected officials to make change, but to no avail. In fact, when one man tried, they lined up to stop him. That's why I'm running. It is long past time for the people to rise up and take our government back. My opponent has been in office 20 years, and there is much that he hasn't done. And if he won't, I will.

Soy un amo de casa, un ex técnico de farmacia y padre de 3 hijos. A mi alrededor, he visto a las compañías de seguros negar la cobertura, he visto aumentar la población de personas sin hogar, he visto aumentar la violencia. He visto cómo aumentan los costos de la vivienda, la energía y los alimentos, mientras que los salarios permanecen estancados en gran medida. La educación ha empeorado, especialmente porque muchas clases se han recortado por completo y ahora los maestros y los padres pagan los suministros. Esperé y esperé a que los funcionarios electos hicieran el cambio, pero fue en vano. De hecho, cuando un hombre lo intentó, se alinearon para detenerlo. Por eso estoy corriendo. Ya es hora de que la gente se levante y retire a nuestro gobierno. Mi oponente lleva 20 años en el cargo y hay muchas cosas que no ha hecho. Y si no lo hace, lo haré.

Volunteer / Voluntario

Sign up if you can help make phone calls, canvass, organize, have graphic design skills or other skills that can help our campaign. / Regístrese si puede ayudar a hacer llamadas telefónicas, analizar, organizar, tener habilidades de diseño gráfico u otras habilidades que pueden ayudar a nuestra campaña.

This campaign is a campaign of the people, for the people and by the people. As such, it is funded by individual donations from people just like you. We do not accept corporate donations or money from lobbyists or super PACs. 

Esta campaña es una campaña del pueblo, para el pueblo y del pueblo. Como tal, está financiado por donaciones individuales de personas como usted. No aceptamos donaciones corporativas ni dinero de cabilderos ni súper PAC.